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It is mind boggling that we are faced with so many issues concerning real estate.

With all the changes in the industry, it is imperative that you deal with a real estate professional who can provide you with real solutions to your situation.    Short Sales is the process of selling your property and asking the lender who currently holds your 1st and / or second loan to take a short pay or a discount on the amount of money they receive in order to commence with the sale of the property.  In this situation, the lender must decide to approve the shortsale and take a reduction of the loan amount and accept what the new buyer is willing to purchase the property for.

In the shortsale process, the seller or homeowner, will not receive any compensation whatsoever and although it doesnt seem like it is worthwhile to the seller, it will give the seller the opportunity to rebuild thier credit and to purchase property in 2 years as oppose to having a foreclosure on your record.

The shortsale does not cost the seller any out-of-pocket expenses and the lender pays the realtors thier commissions, closings costs, fees, etc.   They may request the seller to pay something, but usually, we are able to negotiate with the lender to not have seller pay anything. 

For more information regarding Shortsales or the process, please feel free to contact me directly and just mention short-sale.  I would be more than happy to assist you and to answer any questions you may have.

Social Security Being Threatened!

Social Security is Being Threatened!

They say by the end of 2036, Social Security will be drained!   That's 25 years from now!

In 25 years, the likely culprits to miss out any type of social security will be me - for the most part and my children and my children's children.  We will have to fend for yourself when it comes to social security.

So the looming discussion in Washington DC is the Social Security Issue, but is it really an issue.  Sure, the Baby Boomers have reached the retirement age and are starting to tap into Social Security.   But there are solutions to the ever-growing problem .  Just what are the solutions and how do we tackle these issues TODAY for a better TOMORROW?

I have prepared a Special Report regarding the How to Save Social Security!

Send me  your request for the this Free Report and I will email it to you.  There is something that you can do to make a change.   Let's work on obtaining solutions together!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Protecting Your Assets

Are Your Assets Exposed?

If you have not protected yourself or your family from lawsuits, creditors or probate - you are exposing yourself and your family to a world of danger, bankruptcy and financial ruin.

Imagine today if you or a loved died today. What would you do? What financial state would you be in?  Have you planned for any of this?  We plan vacations, holidays, and even when are thinking about retirement. But very seldom do we think about anything else.

Well, my job is not only to act as your Realtor, but to be your life advisor and to guide you through the steps to securing your present status as well as your future.

I would welcome the opportunity to assist you with selling your property, investing your money and showing you how you can live life fully and be protected from the perils of probate, lawsuits, medicaid / Medicare Attachments and lawsuits.

For more information about the services I offer, please call my Toll-Free number anytime and request a report. You will be glad you did.   I am here to help!

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Monica Isabell utilizes the latest technologies, market research and business strategies to meet your expectations. However, more importantly, we listen and that means we find solutions that are tailored to you.

Monica has been apart of the Keller Williams Family for over 12 years, she serves on the Agent Leadership Council (ALC) for 2015 and 2016.

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